We Believe in Quality Design

We are a specialized team who aim to create and improve the best solution with respect to all the details in the design and search engine optimization of websites.

Design and build a website

Designing a website involves presenting the sitemap, layout of the page, color and being user-friendliness and technical issues which all together needs a professional team. AARAAseo specializes in WordPress and a variety of templates.

As more people are getting access to the internet, we will see an increase in the number of daily searches in 2019. There may be around 7 billion Google searches per day

Search engine optimization (SEO) is: The process of optimizing a website so it will appear in prominent positions in the organic results of search engines. SEO requires an understanding of how search engines work, what people search for, and why and how people search. SEO is all about providing end users with a positive content experience at the right moment and place across different devices.

AARAAseo will focus on a variety of activities for its clients, including the following:

+Searching for keywords and adopting appropriate strategies to improve the site’s position in search engines.
+Competitors analysis and review of how they operate.
+Internal SEO includes optimizing URL structure, improving speed, optimizing photos and external SEO including backlinks and social networking.
Generate user-friendly content focused on keywords.

The most unique content will be created for you.

In the course of the content marketing the content calendar and priority list of keywords will be prepared and we assure you that the content will be unique and will take your site to the first page of Google. It’s not out of the question to be the best at your business and gain more potential customers.

Conveniently implement an expanded array of action items vis-a-vis.

Instagram, Telegram, Aparat, YouTube ...

Marketing using social networks to create an interactive space with your customers can help you to expand your business. AARAAseo will guide you in managing, analyzing, optimizing and developing social networks in all aspects.

We will answer to all your questions:

Which technique will help me to manage my followers among the most important social media channels?
How to find the best strategic and tactical strategies to have a better social network marketing?
How often do we post on social networks?
What is the best time to post on social networks?
How about creating a successful timetable for posting on social networks?
What is the best way to use hashtags?
Do we need to be present on all socials?

Design and SEO you website

Free advice for your business, both online and offline!

Meet the Team

SEO Specialist, Website Designer, Content Marketer and Social Network Manager

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    Yousef Ebrahimi

    Senior SEO Specialist

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    Fatemeh Ghaemmaqamian

    Content Manager and SEO Specialist




We buy you a domain and host and then design your website. Next we can take responsibility for your SEO and writing content in order to the best result in Google. The final goal is your profit.

Buy domain & host

Provide the best domain and host from a valid company

Design Website

Design your WordPress website based on your business like resume, media, company and etc.

Prepare first report

Check the base analysis of the website right before starting SEO

Technical SEO

Optimizing all pages: speed, URLs, 301 & 404 errors, tags, sitemap, responsive, pictures, headings and etc.


Using social networks for expanding the business, branding and find new users.

Internal SEO

Install search consul and Google Analytics, check titles, menus and other sections, internal links, tags and rename pictures, unique contents, rewrite content, make a list of all keywords.

External SEO

Prepare disavow file, review all links relaed to the website with SEO tools, check exit rate, create back links and analyzing competitors.

Final Reports

Preparing periodic reports extracted from Google Search Console, Analytics in Google Studio and some other analytical tools, analyzing data and keywords, progress report and a list of keywords ranking

Professional Consultation

Online and in-person counseling: web site administration, social network management and content marketing

Skill in SEO tools

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Keyword Planner
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Skill in design and editing tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition


Website design, SEO and social network management projects

Arasso’s team has been working with prominent companies in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress site design, Instagram page management.

Our clients love our work

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Designing the site 0 to 100 in WordPress CMS. Soheilss is a personal website related to architecture so we tried to focus on portfolios.

The owner / Soheils Ebrahimi

Managing the Instagram page related to children's toys for 6 months. Prepare the content calendar, pictures and caption for branding and growing the calls for the client.

Manager / Nozadan

Cham Group started its business in beauty field 10 years ago and in Jan. 2020, AARAAseo helps them to have their first website for presenting their services. The design of the website finished in 10 days.

The owner / Cham

Writing content for Eghamat24 aimed to rise the traffic of the website in more keywords related to tourism and hotel reservation.

SEO Manager / Eghamat 24

Content Marketing for this company for 6 months.

CEO / Sezhin

Managing all three socials, Telegram channel, Instagram page and Facebook page for 6 month. During this period of time scheduling posts, writing the perfect captions and edit all pictures for growing the followers and the traffic for client website were one of the goals.

CEO / Chidaneh

Redesign the website and SEO in many keywords such as chandelier in Iran and also create more than 70 contents in weblog page. Making Shokuhenoor to one of the top 5 best chandelier sellers in Iran was the main goal and we achieved it.

The owner / Shokuhenoor

SEO website and content marketing in 6 months. Now in 6 main keywords the site appears in the first page of Google search results.

CEO / Knodoor
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